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Public art transforms a city by adding beauty that complements the natural landscape and built environment, it helps improve economic development by making a city more attractive to businesses and people who want to relocate. It provides all of us with a sense of community and is a visual symbol of the love and pride we have for our home. In order to achieve our mission, we have set the goal of building a fund of $3,000,000 to allow us annual funds to build and manage our public art collection long into the future.

You can help fulfill the need for public art and be a part of the process by becoming an Art Maker.

For more information, contact us. We’re happy to discuss options.

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To make an immediate donation to the Public Art Lincoln Endowment or Operations Funds. Donate Here.


Donate or Loan Art

The flow chart below outlines the process to request, approve, and install artwork on City of Lincoln property. Please note that artwork intended to be installed for six months or less may not be reviewed by Public Art Lincoln prior to licensing.

More information on the process for adding public art to the City’s collection can be found in the Guidance Statement Regarding Proposals for Artwork on Public Property.

Questions or need help? Contact us. We’re happy to discuss your ideas.