Board & Staff

Public Art Lincoln Staff and Board Members

The Public Art Lincoln Board consists of nine permanent members plus community members up to a total of twenty four 24 advisors. Public Art Lincoln’s permanent positions are filled by City departments and community organizations. To be considered for a position on the committee, please contact:

Deb Arenz, Director /

Community Board Members

Kathy LeBaron, Co-Chair
Richard Vierk, Co-Chair
Lynne Boyer
Kris Bergmeyer
Santiago Cal
Geoff Cline
Candy Henning
Anne Pagel
Rhonda Seacrest
Clay Smith
Pamela Snow
Tom Tallman
Michele Tilley
Robert Duncan, Emeriti
George Neubert, Emeriti

Permanent Board Members

Barbara Bartle / Lincoln Community Foundation
Collin Christopher / City of Lincoln Creative Placemaking
Jon Gross / Sheldon Art Association
Lynn Johnson / City of Lincoln Parks & Recreation
Heather Lundine / University of Nebraska Foundation
Dan Marvin / City of Lincoln Urban Development
Wally Mason / Sheldon Museum of Art
Joe Ruffo / Lincoln Arts Council