Board & Staff

Public Art Lincoln Staff and Board Members

The Public Art Lincoln Board consists of nine permanent members plus community members up to a total of twenty four 24 advisors. Public Art Lincoln’s permanent positions are filled by City departments and community organizations. To be considered for a position on the committee, please contact:

Director /

Community Board Members

  • Kathy LeBaron, Co-Chair
  • Richard Vierk, Co-Chair
  • Kris Bergmeyer
  • Santiago Cal
  • Geoff Cline
  • Candy Henning
  • Anne Pagel
  • Martha Richardson
  • Rhonda Seacrest
  • Clay Smith
  • Tom Tallman
  • Robert Duncan, Emeriti
  • George Neubert, Emeriti

Permanent Board Members

Alec Gorynski / Lincoln Community Foundation
Collin Christopher / City of Lincoln Creative Placemaking
Jon Gross / Sheldon Art Association
Maggie Stuckey-Ross / City of Lincoln Parks & Recreation
Heather Lundine / University of Nebraska Foundation
Hallie Salem / City of Lincoln Urban Development
Susan Longhenry / Sheldon Museum of Art
Troy Gagner / Lincoln Arts Council