What is Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development and what does it do?                                  

  • LPPAD is Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development.
  • It is a board of advisors to the City of Lincoln surrounding public art.
  • We are advocates for public art.
  • We build community-wide involvement and investment in public art.
  • We work to develop an endowment that will build and manage Lincoln’s public art collection long into the future.
  • The Master Plan for LPPAD can be found at:


What is the LPPAD vision?                                                    

  • The Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development  works with the City of Lincoln to develop a public art collection of national prominence in Lincoln, which will enrich the quality of life for Lincoln’s residents, complement the City’s exceptional educational and cultural amenities and support a positive economic environment in the community.
  • This program will serve to unify the community, encourage creativity, and reflect the diverse cultural heritage of Lincoln residents.
  • The Master Plan for LPPAD can be found at


How do I contact you?
or call (402) 770-3642


Why is public art important?

As an Economic Driver:

  • A strong arts sector is an economic asset that stimulates business activity, attracts tourism revenue, retains a high quality workforce and stabilizes property values.
  • Data strongly indicates that cities with an active and dynamic cultural scene are more attractive to individuals and businesses.

As a Civic Catalyst and Community Builder:

  • Places with strong public art expressions break the trend of blandness and sameness and give communities a stronger sense of place and identity.
  • Public art is uniquely accessible and enables people to experience art in the course of daily life, outside of museums or other cultural institutions.
  • The work can reverberate throughout the community, thereby encouraging a sense of shared ownership and collective affiliation.

As Cultural Legacies:

  • Public art preserves unique culture and heritage, passing a community’s precious cultural character and traditions along to future generations.

Why is it important to have both public and private investment?

  • Although many citizens and corporations contribute to cultural activities, the benefits of public art cannot be fully realized without the unique contributions of government.
  • It takes a mixture of both public and private funds to support public art.
  • Private donors and contributors have many motivations that drive funding decisions.
  • In contrast, government investment serves the public interest and ensures that all areas of the community receive the benefits of public art.
  • In audition and as noted above, public art provides a significant return on investment to the community through economic and cultural impacts.

How is Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development  funded?

  • LPPAD has been funded through private donations, however the placement of a piece is most often on property owned by the City of Lincoln and requires the approval of the coordination with the City. We are in the process of creating an endowment fund using an Art Makers program that will provide funds to go toward building and managing a collection of national prominence long into the future.

What is Art Makers and how can I become one?

  • Our purpose is to engage a large number of community members in public art for our City. We have set a goal of establishing an endowment fund of at least $3,000,000. The proceeds of this fund will allow us to continue to grow and manage the public art collection in our community long into the future. Art Makers can be individuals, couples, groups of friends, or companies that commit to at least $25,000 payable over 5 years. As an Art Maker you will be involve in choosing the art pieces that are purchased using proceeds from the fund. You will also be invited to special events surrounding public art and the artists,but most importantly you will know  you are assuring that our home will be a place rich in public art to be enjoyed by us and those who will follow.


How was Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development started?                                                                    

  • Recognizing the importance of public art to the fabric of our community, Mayor Chris Beutler in 2011 created the Public/private partnership of Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development (“LLPAD”). This group consists of nine permanents members plus community members up to a total of twenty four advisors.
  • LPPAD exists to provide vision, engender support, create policy, advise the City and manage the process by which donations become publish art on City property. LPPAD is a donor designated fund of the Lincoln Community Foundation. A separate non-profit was not created, with the intent of being more efficient. The funds deposited with the Lincoln Community Foundation are advised and recommended by the LPPAD board. LPPAD plays the leading role in the selection of art and advises and assists in its appropriate siting.
  • The Master Plan for LPPAD can be found at:


In what projects has LPPAD been involved?

Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development Collections Committee, as advisors to the City of Lincoln, reviews potential public art projects for quality, appropriateness and safety, and makes recommendations for acceptance. At times the Committee may make suggestions to redirect projects or funds into more beneficial areas and when a piece becomes difficult, dangerous or too costly to maintain, may make a recommendation to de-accession the piece. The following is a list of projects with which LPPAD has had involvement in the past year:

  • The Candy Box by Donald Lipski – located in the Pinnacle Bank Arena
  • Mbera by Catherine Ferguson-located on the roundabout at 33rd and Sheridan Boulevard.
  • The cube artistic content and Taking Time curated exhibit – located in the Railyard
  • Tower Square Ascent by Jun Kaneko – to be installed October, 2014
  • Reflection by Albert Paley-located on the roundabout at 9th and Salt Valley Parkway
  • Hilton Garden Heads by Jun Kaneko – to be installed
  • Granite High Chair by Jesus Moroles – to be installed
  • Gallery Alley lighting design project by Patrick Quigley – design in process
  • Paper Airplane by Shannon Hansen-to be installed
  • Standing Vase by James Surls – to be installed


Who is involved with Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development?

The LPPAD Board consists of nine permanent members plus community members up to a total of twenty four 24 advisors. LPPAD’S permanent positions are filled by these agencies and organizations:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Works and Utilities
  • Urban Development
  • City Planning
  • Sheldon Museum of Art
  • Sheldon Art Association
  • Lincoln Community Foundation
  • University of Nebraska Foundation
  • Lincoln Arts Council


How can I become a member of the Committee?

While there are currently no open positions on the committee, to be considered in the future for a position on the Committee, an application is available at